Meetings times …

St Brendans Park Fc AGM

Our AGM will be held on Thursday 30th June at 7.30pm at Christy Leahy Park. All nominations and motions to be with our Secretary Martin Conway on or before Monday 27th June.

Club Meeting For All Coaches

All St Brendans Park FC coaches are requested to attend a meeting this Thursday August 20th in Christy Leahy Park at 7.30pm to discuss Training times,gear and kits etc, so we will then know what positions need to be filled.


The Club will hold a meeting on Saturday 15th August at 11.00am in the clubhouse for our Academy Coaches.
Anybody,parent or past member who would like to join our ever popular Academy then please come along and our Head Coaches Danny and Padraig will be on hand to give details of all that’s involved.
With our Academy growing year on year we need the assistance of parents and friends alike.
The success of our club depends on the progress of our Academy.

St Brendans Park Fc Club AGM

The Club’s AGM will be held on Wednesday 1st July at 7.00pm in Christ Leahy Park. Any nominations or motions to be with our Sec. Martin Conway on or before Sunday 28th June.

All members are requested to attend.

AGM of the Kerry Schoolboys League

The AGM of the Kerry Schoolboys League is on this Wednesday,17th June,at
8.00pm in Meadowlands Hotel. This is a very important meeting for our
club as important issues such as;

1. ETP ruling of 2 players max being allowed transfer per year.
2. Movement of players within our club from A sides to B sides and
3. Walkover rules.
4. Leagues to start earlier.

As our club has 15 votes from the floor,it is vital that all coaches
attend to vote on these very important issues.


Please advise Club Chairman Colm McLoughlin of your attendance in advance.