Glories of the Past

Take a few minutes to enjoy pictures of just some of our past teams and their glorious moments!


Glory Days

[img src=]370U14 Cup Winners 2014
U14 Cup winners 2014
[img src=]160
[img src=]170
[img src=]100
[img src=]130
[img src=]160Champions!
[img src=]160Greyhound Bar KO Cup Winners , 2001
Greyhound Bar KO Cup Winners , 2001
[img src=]210U11 Team 2007
U11 Team 2007
[img src=]250
[img src=]260Senior A Team 1986
Senior A Team 1986
[img src=]230League and Shield Winners 1974/75 Season
League and Shield Winners 1974/75 Season<br /> Back Row-C.Leahy,D.Walsh,L.Ronan,T.Brick,JJ Naughton,M.Sheehy,S.Callaghan<br /> Front Row-J.White,T.Slattery,J.Cullinane,J.Dowling(Capt),D.Hegarty,D.Diggins,N.Kelter
[img src=]140Rose Restaurant Cup Final 1975-Park 6,Callinafercy 0
Rose Restaurant Cup Final 1975-Park 6,Callinafercy 0<br /> Back Row-C.Leahy,L.Ronan,J.Conway,D.Hegarty,J.Dowling,S.Callaghan,JJ Naughton.<br /> Front Row-N.Kelter,D.Diggins,T.Brick,J.Whyte,T.Slattery
[img src=]210Anchor Shield Cup Winners 1975
Anchor Shield Final 1975-Park 2,Killarney Athletic 1<br /> Back Row-C.Leahy,JJ Naughton,N.Kelter,D.Diggins,D.Hegarty,J.Dowling,<br /> L.Ronan,S.Callaghan<br /> Front Row-J.Cullinane,D.Walsh,J.Conway,T.Brick(Capt),J.White,T.Sullivan
[img src=]260
[img src=]260