(U13) Div 2 ; Asdee Rovers 3-5 Park Fc


What a game…………..

Strong windy day yet once again, we lost the Spin of the coin so we had to play against the wind in the first half.

Park were a bit slow to start at the beginning of the first half, Asdee was using the advantage of the wind in the first half as they had the wind behind them, they had a few shots on goal but Gavin Doody first appearance with us done his job and did some great saves.

The first goal Asdee scored was slightly off-side but the ref didn’t see it, so Asdee scored to make it 1-0, we tried getting back but was a bit hard for the boys against the wind but we battled on, but Asdee had a strike again yet another off-side but there you go 2-0.

We proceed to carry on Asdee had another few chances but Gavin wasn’t  going to let them have the glory and yet again done some great saves, ball went out off play but Ref let play go on and Asdee went on to score again 3-0. Park were soon quick to get the ball on the spot to get going again even being 3-0 down.

Not long to go before the end of the first half we were given a free kick, Mark placed the ball and put it in the box for Tj to arrive it home in the back of the net, 3-1, Park carried on and passing the ball Junior in midfield was excellent and was hard to get by, we got the ball back into Asdee box and Tj passed to Mark and Mark drove it into the right corner to make it 3-2, with Tony on the Left wing was sending in crosses but the wind was carrying the ball to make it hard for our lads.

Half Time 3-2, Game On.


Second half Park were ready to go, you could see that the boys had glory in there eyes even  being 3-2 down, we had the advantage second half but also the wind would carry the ball a bit to far, the ball was up and down the field from both sides, was a good second half, Park defence done a great job with (Daniel,Samson, Brian and Cian) keeping Asdee away from our goal and mid-field were doing a great job too (Junior and Nathan) passing through to the wingers Tony and Tj and on to the strikers Mark and Cj. Asdee had a couple of chances but Gavin was alert for the shot with a great dive to send the ball wide, corner to Asdee, Asdee took the corner Park defence took charge and fed the ball out to the wings and we were on for goal with a pass to Tj who then sent it home to make it 3-3,game was exciting to watch up and down the field sent the heart beating faster,we attacked again and again but the Asdee keeper also made some great saves, but again with the passing up the field left to right and through the middleTj took the ball and drove it home once again (Hatrick) for Tj 4-3.

Game wasn’t over yet, Asdee had great strength and was not going to let it go that easy, but yet again from the Park mid-field and defenders kept Asdee at bay. Game nearly over and Park was attacking and attacking and in the final minute Junior got the ball and with a great strike drove the ball into the back of the net 5-3. It was like the old days supporter’s came on the pitch, Junior said he would score for his Mother and he did, Mother and son cuddled on the pitch. Cant express my feelings there, but was great to see the happiness.


Full Time score Asdee 3-5 Park.


A great game lads, you made us Proud yet again, well done.

Man Of The Match Tamer (Tj) Mc Mahon.


Players : Gavin Doody,Daniel Fok’Seang,Samson Ayavi,Brian Teahan,Cian McGrath,Tennyson Efgbare,Junior Ankomah,Tony Duggan,Tamer (Tj) McMahon,Mark Dziedziuch and Carl (Cj) Dziedziuch.

Subs: Patrick Dowling,Nathan Gleeson and Luke Murphy.

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