First draw of the season,

It was a nice day to play soccer, both teams were ready to play, we kicked off, passing the ball and Killorglin went on an attack and shot the ball with it going under Patrick and in the back of the net 1-0, we went on up and down the pitch, Carl (Cj) was on for goal but the Ref blew for off-side,Killorglin went on attack again and beat Patrick in goal but Brian Teahan was in the right place and cleared it of the line, again Killorglin was on the attack and Tennyson Efgbare,Brian, Tamer (Tj) and Daniel were keeping Killorglin at bay, we had two key players out who were greatly missed Cian (defence)and Junior in midfield. Tony Duggan was playing his heart out but the chances we had wasn’t to be, eventually in the 29th minute Mark Scored to make it 1-1, Mark had another chance with one on one with the Killorglin Keeper but the shot was not hard enough and in the keepers arms it went. Halft-time 1-1.

Second Half we went out and both teams were again up and down the pitch with Killorglin with a few chances with Patrick saving a couple and again Brian on the line to stop the goals going in. Brian had a blinding game and was outstanding, as were the rest out on field, the lads were trying to hard i think. Luke was quiet impressive too not letting to many get passed him.

Final score Park Fc 1-1 Killorglin Fc

Man of the Match: Brian Teahan.

Well done Lads.

Players: Patrick,Daniel,Tennyson,Brian,Tamer (Tj), Josh,Samson,Tony,Jack,Mark, Carl (Cj) and Luke.

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